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The Day Will Dawn (U) 1942 A foreign correspondent working in occupied Norway is assigned to an RAF detail helping Norwegian freedom fighters to sabotage an important German U-boat installation. He enlists the help of a local sea captain's daughter, but the plan goes wrong and he ends up in enemy hands, facing death by firing squad. World War Two adventure, with Hugh Williams, Griffiths Jones, Deborah Kerr and Ralph Richardson (888)

Flying Tigers (PG) 1942 An American squadron leader heads a unit of airmen helping China to fight the Japanese during World War Two. However, he has to contend with the actions of a high-handed, hotshot pilot whose arrogance causes the death of a fellow airman. Drama, starring John Wayne, John Carroll, Anna Lee and Paul Kelly (888)

Porco Rosso (U) 1992 A former World War One flying ace cursed with the head of a pig scrapes a living protecting ships in the Adriatic from airborne bandits. However, his daring deeds look set to come to an abrupt end when a dashing rival attempts to ground the plucky porker permanently. Hayao Miyazaki's animated adventure, with the voices of Michael Keaton, Cary Elwes and Kimberly Williams (888)

Call Me Madam (PG) 1953 A Washington socialite becomes ambassador to a small European state and falls in love with the foreign minister, while her sidekick attracts the attention of a princess. Irving Berlin's musical, starring Ethel Merman, George Sanders and Donald O'Connor (888)

The Pink Panther Strikes Again (PG) 1976 Accident-prone Inspector Clouseau fends off the unwanted attentions of a murder syndicate led by demented former police chief Dreyfus, who's come up with a scheme to get rid of the clumsy cop once and for all. But it soon becomes clear that even the world's top assassins will have a hard time doing away with the lucky lawman. Comedy sequel, starring Peter Sellers, Herbert Lom, Lesley-Anne Down, Burt Kwouk and Leonard Rossiter

The Escapist (15) 2008 Premiere. A convict serving a life sentence has become resigned to never being released, until he learns that a drug overdose has left his estranged daughter seriously ill. Afraid she'll die before he can make peace with her, he decides to tunnel out of prison but is forced to make some dangerous bargains to carry out his plan. Thriller, starring Brian Cox, Damian Lewis and Joseph Fiennes (888)

Taxi (12) 2004 A hapless cop is forced to turn to cabs to get around after losing his driving licence. He soon forms an alliance with a daring taxi driver, who ends up helping him track down a team of bold bank robbers. Comedy thriller remake, starring Queen Latifah, Jimmy Fallon and Gisele Bundchen (888)

Les Enfants du Siecle (15) 1999 Fact-based period drama chronicling the turbulent and ultimately doomed love affair between poet Alfred de Musset and early feminist writer George Sand, who went on to enjoy a lengthy and well-documented relationship with composer Chopin. Juliette Binoche, Benoit Magimel and Stefano Dionisi star

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