Blow for Czech DTT multiplex

By Chris Dziadul

July 27, 2009

The future of the third Czech DTT multiplex has been thrown into doubt by the news that it will no longer be used by the music channel Ocko.

Although Ocko has undoubtedly been a big draw for the third multiplex, which is operated by the Czech Digital Group (CDG), it has come to the conclusion that being distributed via DTT is not profitable.

Indeed, DTT has until now only accounted for 13% of its viewership.
While questions are now being asked about the viability of the third multiplex, its two other customers – Public TV and Z1 – have so far indicated that they have no plans to follow in Ocko’s footsteps.

The Czech Republic has four DTT multiplexes, the first two of which are operated by Ceske Radiokomunikace.
Of these two, the first (Multiplex 1) is allocated to Czech Television (CT). CDG operates Multiplex 3 and Telefónica O2 Multiplex 4.