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    Hadu Server Editor 2

    Is a simple application which enables you to edit CCCam server line and prepare it to best fit for Hadu CCcam plugin.

    How to use:

    1- Run the program.
    2- From File menu Open "Hadu.ini" file.
    3- Fill out the boxex:
    a- Server's name: any name you want without spaces. (it accepts english characters only).
    b- Server's IP: fill the box with server IP exactly as server owner send it to you.
    c- Server's Port: It accepts only numbers, set it exactly as server owner send it to you.
    d- User Name: set it exactly as server owner send it to you.
    e- Password: set it exactly as server owner send it to you.

    4- After completion of filling the boxes click on "Add Server" then an information MSG appear telling you that you have successfully complete a new server line. It will appear in the box "Final Server line" in the bottom. Then you should save the file from file menu.

    5-After adding a new server all the boxes were cleared so you can add another server if you want, you can even add multiple different servers.

    6- From File menu, choose Save to save "Hadu.ini" file, or you can Save As the file in the plugin folder or every where you wnat.

    7- When you have any error you can reset the program either by clicking on "clear boxes" button or from File menu choose "Close all".

    7- Now you can run your DVB program and Enjoy.

    COMDLG32.OCX = C:\WINDOWS\system32

    If you have'nt this DLL (COMDLG32.OCX) you can download it

    Dowload COMDLG32.OCX

    Download Hadu Server Editor 2
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