DM500 backup 20/7/2009 specific EDG Nemesis 4.4 BlueStar II Cccam Turkish.Afacan
Backup and test these days the forum was created.
Backupta is absolutely no TimeBomp
Nevertheless, the responsibility does not accept responsibility aittir.Forumumuz install.

I recommend you get your backup before you install ...
After installation, your backup Cccam.cfg var / etc is enough to throw into ..
Your device will be opened the following illustrate backupu install.

I saw the results of the experiment works well, and I added
Yellow key to plug-ins
[color = "Magenta"] hurforum and newspaper news,
Weather ezan time subtitle download, Afacan foreign channels (streaming)
ccam info, VLC frontend,
Turkish Hacsat key indirci v9b, PIP, total football 1.4.

You can set BURAYAtıklayarak.
VLC player to work:
First, we have pcinizde VLC-0.8.6d installed ..
Right-click the shortcut on your desktop, VLC player
a short path, and it features space to add
- extraintf = http "saved application ...
After that, you have to do with FlashFXP and connect to the device
var / tuxbox / config file in the ip address vlc.xml
itself is sufficient to change the ip address of your computer ..
And please do not ask me not to download ..
friends to understand a little if you upload do not look for adventure.
explanation because there is a forum where the necessary read
This new feature will see backupta.
Channel list of your control like the alt key to HELP you can do side by side.
Password: 0312
Bye follow.
also comments about whether you can write backup kolay gelsin

If you would like installed.
Thanks to the master image for borsalino
borsalino thanks brother

Thanks Afacan

DM500 EDG Nemesis 4.4 BlueStar II Cccam Turkish.Afacan özel backup 20/7/2009
Backup bu gün hazırlandı ve test edilerek foruma verildi.
Backupta kesinlikle TimeBomp yoktur
Yine de sorumluluk yükleyene aittir.Forumumuz sorumluluk kabul etmez.

Yüklemeden önce yedeğinizi almanızı tavsiye ederim...

Kurulumdan sonra Cccam.cfg yedeğinizi var/etc içine atmanız yeterlidir..
backupu yüklerseniz Cihazınız aşağıdaki resimle açılacak.

skin olarak X-LINE2 bay nimou6 Skin yüklüdür.

Backupta SÜPRİZ CCcam v2.1.2 yüklüdür.


Please stop publication on the attached files of image backup and softcam backup dubious ! that do not work, members have their blocked Dreambox