UK moves towards 3D television

Chris Forrester

BSkyB’s enthusiasm for 3D stereoscopic TV is well known. But it seems a couple of the UK’s network broadcasters are also keen to climb aboard the 3D train.

Trade mag TVB Europe is reporting that UK commercial giant ITV has expressed enthusiasm for a stand-alone 3D service and has asked UK producers to get involved in 3D production. TVB-Europe states that British public broadcaster Channel 4 is making plans for a 3D ‘Special’ this autumn.

Colin Smith, ITV's technical analyst, told TVB-Europe: "It is important to ITV that there is a genuine alternative to the dominant pay platforms in the UK and ITV will consider any commercial service of 3DTV when there is a viable business model. We believe that 3DTV will only reach the widest audience when glasses are no longer required, but see glasses technologies as a stepping stone and an important part of the learning process. The duration glasses will be required to view 3DTV will depend on consumer interest in this first generation of 3DTV, and accordingly it will be continually reviewed as to its commercial viability."