Sky Deutschland to boost sales activities

After its €100 million advertising campaign, German pay-TV operator Sky Deutschland wants to increase its investment in sales activities with the number of sales outlets offering subscriptions to be doubled, industry magazine w&v reports. Until now there have been 3,500 points of sale for the platform.

“Sky should be available for customers of electronics shops as conveniently as possible, so we are cooperating more closely with our partners and expanding our sales network,” Marcello Maggioni, senior vice president sales & marketing, told the magazine.

Before the relaunch the focus was on large electronic outlets such as Saturn and Media Markt, but now the company plans to include more local affiliates of retail chains such as Electronic Partner (EP) and Euronics. Additionally, there are eight large flagship stores in Berlin (x2), Hamburg, Munich (x2), Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and Cologne where potential customers can view Sky’s programmes on flat screen television sets in comfortable surroundings.

A counter with a touch screen is available to download package and price information. Equipment available in the Sky lounges depends on the size of the stores. The sales emphasis is on the seven HDTV channels, with an HDTV campaign planned for September to support the strategy.

Sky subscribers can now also book an installation service. The offers, for which a fee is charged, range from installation of the set-top-box to switching from cable to DTH satellite reception.