SIC, Portugal Telecom strike deal

IŮaki Ferreras

Portugal's private broadcaster SIC and the country's main telco Portugal Telecom (PT) have signed an agreement - valid until 2012 - for the distribution of content both in television and on the internet. The deal covers PTís different pay-TV operators such as TV Cabo and Meo.

The first agreement between the companies was signed ten years ago. Since has come the launch of SIC's thematic channels and now the announcement of the children's channel SIC Kids by the same operators. In fact this children's channel will be exclusive to Meo for 6 months.

SIC Kids signals a first phase of collaboration between the two groups, with more planned in the future including launching further channels.

In the meantime Zinal Bava, executive president for PT, did not rule out the possibility of similar agreements with other TV broadcasters. That shows the need to find more content in order to feed PTís offerings.

"These type of agreements help Meo to reaffirm itself as a real alternative for television," said Bava when making the agreement public.