BBC to share video content with press

By Julian Clover

July 28, 2009

The BBC has begun to share some of its online video news content with websites operated by UK newspapers.
From today visitors to sites run by The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, Independent and Daily Mail will be able to see embedded BBC video news content. The papers will select which content appears on their sites from four areas; UK Politics, Business, Health and Science/Technology.

“The BBC set out its intention to open up access to BBC news content as part of the Digital Britain process, said BBC deputy director-general and head of journalism, Mark Byford, said: “We regard this initiative as a core part of the BBC working more effectively as a public service partner, with other media organisations utilising BBC news content.”

The move was welcomed by Guy Ruddle, Head of Visuals, Telegraph Media Group, “We have been waiting for the BBC to start sharing its content with us and this is definitely a step in the right direction in promoting partnerships.”
It is planned to extend the availability of the video to other UK sites.