Double whammy against Qualcomm

Chris Forrester

Only a few days after Qualcomm settled its long-running argument with Broadcom, the San Diego-based chip-developer is hit with a double knock-out.

First came a massive fine against Qualcomm from South Korea of £207m (Won 260bn) for an abuse of its dominant position in the supply of mobile phone chips. South Korea said it had found that Qualcomm charged higher royalties to handset makers who bought CDMA-based chips from rivals than for those who bought Qualcomm-manufactured chipsets.

Then Japanís Fair Trade Commission said it would be taking action against Qualcomm to demand that the firm cease abusing its dominant position in the market.

Qualcomm, in a statement, said it had been unaware of the allegations before Monday and would wait for a full translation of the action before commenting further.