Ono's profit up 26.6%

Iñaki Ferreras

Spain's main cable operator Ono saw its profit grow 26.6% in the first half, reaching €26 million.

As for EBITDA, the company reached a margin of 47.2%, 4.6 percentage points above the same period the previous year. Revenues saw a downturn of 4.6%, at €769 million.

Regarding its client base, the company has 1,835,000 subscribers, a downturn of 2.9% on the same period last year.

Although Ono's telephony and the internet clients grew in this period, pay-TV business went down 5.8% in this period to 991,000. Penetration of this service in homes able to receive Ono went down 1 percentage point to 14.2%, with just 54% of its client base opting for this service. The reasons for this downturn are the economic crisis and the decision of the company to concentrate on attracting more clients to telephony and broadband offerings.