Eutelsat sells Globecast extra 16 deg capacity

Chris Forrester

Globecast has leased extra Eutelsat capacity from 16 deg East to boost the number of channels going into Romania.

Globecast, part of France Telecom, and Eutelsat have announced the signature of a new contract at Eutelsat's video neighbourhood for central European digital TV markets at 16 degrees East.

The new contract for a single extra transponder will be used by Globecast to broadcast channels produced by TVR, Romania's national public broadcaster. It doubles TVR's resources at 16 degrees East, enabling the broadcaster to increase signal quality for digital and high-definition broadcasting and to support new channel growth.

Launched in 1999 from 16 deg E, TVR's platform comprises TVR International, its flagship channel for Romanian expatriate communities across Europe, the national channels TVR1, TVR2 and TVR3, as well as a roster of regional and thematic channels which are delivered to cable headends across the country and increasingly received by Direct-to-Home antennas. The broadcaster has branched into HDTV broadcasting with the launch in 2008 of TVR HD, which principally carries premium sports events.

TVR's expansion at 16 deg E has been helped by extra Eutelsat capacity at its prime neighbourhood for central Europe. In addition to the W2 satellite 16 degrees East now hosts EuroBird 16 which was redeployed from 7 degrees West. Both satellites benefit from high-power footprints across Europe, enabling Direct-to-Home reception with small antennas. In the next phase of expansion, in mid 2010, Eutelsat will locate its 56-transponder W3B satellite to 16 degrees East to support further expansion of digital entertainment services.