Sky growth highest in five years

By Julian Clover

July 30, 2009 08.28 UK

BSkyB added an additional 124,000 customers in the quarter ending June 30, 2009 taking subscriber numbers to 9.442 million. Announcing its 12-month results the satcaster said the annual number of net additions of 462,000 was the highest in five years. The statistics underline the oft-stated premise that during a recession, families look to the sofa, and a cheaper form of entertainment.

Added value services such as HD and Sky+ also continue to perform; Sky+ HD has added 534,000 households since January 2009, taking the total to 1.313 million. The regular Sky+ personal video recorder now stands at 5.5 million and represents 58% of the installed base.

“This is the year where high definition TV moved centre-stage. We have seen a very strong response from customers to the new lower price of the Sky+HD box, with the total number of HD customers more than doubling to 1.3 million during the year,” said Sky CEO Jeremy Darroch.

Revenues increased by 7% to £5,323 million, taking ARPU to a new high of £464. Operating profit was up 4% to £780 million.