New features in version 1.06...

*Re-designed menus
*A fix for VLC streaming to PC has been added (DM500s)
*Greek RSS feed reader with updatable feeds
*Reset root password to default(dreambox)
*N0va's program in greek is bundled in the setup.

Update Flexy menu
Update Flexy menu (Nemesis)
Update N0va Schedule EN version
Update N0va Schedule GR version
Update Rss Feeds

>Greek Subtitles
Clean Drtic subtitle directory

>N0va Schedule
N0va Two Weeks Schedule_EN
N0va Two Weeks Schedule_GR *
View the program of Greece’s local Satellite package in Greek as well, besides English.

Latest Image Releases
Latest Emulator Releases
Latest Plugin Releases

>Tools & Utillities > System Information
Process Info
Memory info
Ram Memory info
Internet Connections

> Tools & Utillities > Screenshot Tool
Take a Screenshot > /tmp dir
Take a Screenshot > /cf
Take a Screenshot > /usb
Take a Screenshot > /hdd
Install Grab (DM500)
The user can take a screenshot to usb,cf,hdd or /tmp folder in jpg format.

> Tools & Utillities > Network Tools & Utillities
View ethernet settings
Fix network speed<change mtu value>
Reset mtu value
Set mtu value manually
Disable Network Connection
Enable Network Connection
Test Internet Connection

>Tools & Utillities > Ping Tool
Ping an IP
Ping a Hostname
Ping a Hostname-IP from the list
Add an IP to the list
Add a Hostname to the list
Create a Hostname-IP list
*The user can ping an IP or a hostname.
He can also create a list (Creat a Hostname-IP list) in which he can add the IP’s and hostnames he wishes (through the options “Add an IP” and “Add a hostname” )

>Tools & Utillities > Message Tool
Create a Friends list
Add a Friend to the list
Message a friend from the list
*The user can write and send a message to another dreambox.
There is also an option for creating a list of dreamboxes you want to communicate, so that you won’t have to add them manual every time. (“Add a friend to the list” option)

>Tools & Utillities > Tar.gz & Tar.bz2 Utillities
Manual install tar.gz
Manual install tar.bz2
View tar.gz Contents
View tar.bz2 Contents
*With these options you can do a manual installation of tar.gz and tar.bz2,as well as view their content before you proceed to installation.

Install Drtic
Install Streamfix for DM500s
Install Greek Rss feeds reader
Reset root password to 'dreambox'
Change the Flexmenu Colors

Remove/Uninstall GSF Flexy
Uninstall Drtic Plugin
Uninstall Rss Feeds Plugin
Uninstall Streamfix for DM500s
Uninstall N0va Schedule EN version
Uninstall N0va Schedule GR version

If you have already installed GSF flexy 1.05 you can update to 1.06 through flexy itself.


thanks G.S.F team