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Thread: Smart DVB

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    Smart DVB

    Smart DVB v0.1.0 alpha


    * Mousewheel now changes volume.
    * Added some more windows to the view menu, they're also remembered now.
    * Fixed some audio connection errors i was having when using the legacy overlay mixer (this still gives the lowest cpu btw)
    * Fixed a bug where transponder modulation .ini entry was not read correctly if fec was empty
    * Added null filter to be able to show the VMR/EVR osd when no video is detected. You can turn this on under settings > OSD. If you notice stability issues turn this off please this is very experimental.
    * Added positioner support (raw, diseqc position and usals), untested for now, if you can test this let me know.
    * Added channel tune delay option after changing satellite with the positioner. This might help some users having problems with their rotors moving reliably.
    * Fixed the problem where the VMR osd would get garbled and stay onscreen, hopefully this won't happen anymore, if you still encounter this let me know (mention which video decoder and renderer you use).
    * Added a check for not yet updated scanned channels when pressing ok in the scan dialog.
    * Added preliminary DVB-T support to the bda device. Tested on my system with a pinnacle pctv stick and a european frequency list. You can add frequency lists in the transponders directory in the range 5000/5999.ini for this (ascending).
    * If you successfully test other country ini files please let me know and i'll try to add them to the distribution.
    * Added preliminary ATSC support to the bda device. Totally untested as i don't have atsc access. Frequency lists for this should be in the 4000/4999.ini range (ascending).
    * If you can test atsc support please contact me and we'll try to work things out.
    * Added preliminary AAC sound track support. Does not seem to work reliably on my system yet. Some codecs like Mainconcept AAC seem to work though.
    * Fixed a bug which would show teletext subtitles too fast.
    * Added a menu to add decoder filters under tools > settings > connection.
    * Added a menu to delete decoder filters under tools > settings > connection.
    * Added a number of modulation types which are propagated down to the bda driver. Also added modulation selection to dvb-t/atsc just in case.
    * Added sdt table 0x46 scanning to the scanner, under tools > settings > scanner. This might be useful for some transponders like on american dish, only tested with some dish dumps for now so be careful, if the scanning does not work correctly or gets unstable turn this off.
    * Added transponder synchronization dialog to the scanner dialog. Right now updates are possible from kingofsat/joshyfun other types might be added in the future.
    * Added NIT scanning to the scanner menu, under the same synchronization menu mentioned above.
    * Added buttons to delete/add transponders in the scanner dialog.
    * Added a number of embedded (16:9 image in 4:3 aspect window and vice versa) aspect ratios (zoom 16:9 embedded in 4:3,stretch 16:9 embedded in 4:3,zoom 4:3 embedded in 16:9 and stretch 4:3 embedded in 16:9)
    * Changed VMR9 handling so that zooming now works correctly (CTRL-NUMPAD+/-, SHIFT-NUMPAD+/-) (wasn't working with vmr9 on my system).
    * Added update button to the channel properties dialog, this will rescan for the channel information and update the dialog accordingly.
    * Added zoom 16:9 and zoom 4:3 aspect ratios, these will zoom to fill the screen without aspect loss but with some cropping. Make sure your video decoder does not perform it's own aspect ratio handling (anamorphic output for example with nvida)
    * Added some code to the bda twinhan diseqc handling to handle toneburst (simple diseqc), untested.
    * Added 22khz tone switch settings on/off for lnb types (other than universal lnb's ofcourse which handle 22khz switching by frequency switch), drivers updated accordingly. Untested, if you use this especially with the bda driver and it works let me know please.
    * Added a number of lnb types and fixed some issues with lnb selection. Not sure if i've handled bandstacking lnb's correctly couldn't find much info on this and i cannot test being in europe, if you test this let me know.
    * Changed the audio decoder connection mediatype somewhat to try to be compatible with more audio decoders, if you cannot connect to your audio decoder anymore let me know.
    * Fixed irritating bug where keypresses on plugins would propagate to the app too.
    * Changed renderer handling somewhat in hopes of making vmr9 more stable (noticed some stability issues with vmr9 after lots of channel changes)
    * Fixed a bug when adding a remote item which could cause a crash. Also now when pressing a digit to goto a channel the correct remote channel will be selected.
    * Added instance check, you can still start two smartdvb instances from different directories.
    * Various bugfixes.
    different directories.
    Various bugfixes.

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    Re: Smart DVB

    Here is a test version of smartdvb with n3xt support. I have tested this on digitv and it runs fine with that. One user who is on the amazonas footprint has reported a crash so maybe some other users on amazonas can verify this and i will look into this further. Just replace your 0.1.0 exe with this one, don't use it to replace older versions.
    Some other minor fixes are in this exe, if all tests out i will quickly release this. I'l list them here so you can decide if you need this.

    Fixed a crash when stopping mpeg record which had creapt in somehow.
    Changed some minor delay problems with VMR (or non EVR) renderers.
    Fixed some issues which might have caused problems with audio decoders connecting (nvidia for example) and not producing sound consistently.
    Moved AVC1 mediatype handling in the add filter dialog to the H264 decoder where it belongs instead of with normal video. Use this for cyberlink h264 decoders for example.
    Added processing of correct AC3 PMT type for north american AC3 streams, untested.
    Fixed mousewheel issue which moved the channel list and changed volume at the same time.
    Added N3xT support thanks to n3xt for his help.

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    Re: Smart DVB

    Version 0.1.1 is online.
    This is mainly a bugfix release. Also hopefully this one has better compatibility with win7 although some issues remain it seems.

    - Fixed a crash when stopping mpeg record.
    - Changed some minor delay problems with VMR (or non EVR) renderers.
    - Fixed some issues which might have caused problems with audio decoders connecting (nvidia for example) and not producing sound consistently.
    - Moved AVC1 mediatype handling in the add filter dialog to the H264 decoder where it belongs instead of with normal video. Use this for cyberlink h264 decoders for example.
    - Added processing of correct AC3 PMT type for north american AC3 streams, untested.
    - Fixed mousewheel issue which moved the channel list and changed volume at the same time.
    - Added N3xT support thanks to n3xt for his help.
    - Fixed: hopefully the EVR backbuffer problem which would cause flickering etc should not happen anymore, tested on vista and xp.
    - Fixed: changed some things in graph processing (stopping) for better windows 7 compatibility.
    - Added: Directshow option 'use alternative graph stop method', if you have any problems with channels connect or delays or lockups when changing channels try this option.
    - Fixed: bug where floating window size would not be saved when switching from floating to fullscreen mode.
    - Added: Channel properties dialog now allows ordering of CA items and selecting ecm by double-clicking.
    - Added: option to scanner dialog to replace existing names with the ones found by the scanner if only the names are changed, before if only names were changed changes would not be commited, useful in some cases.
    - Fixed: record path wasn't being saved correctly.

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    Re: Smart DVB

    SmartDVB v0.1.2

    - OSD font change wasn't being saved correctly.
    - tried to remove the flickering that was happening in the status bar under 
      certain circumstances, if you still experience this let me know please.
    - simple change to history addition to not allow the same channel to be 
      pushed onto the list eternally.
    - simple change to hopefully show fullscreen window on current display 
      smartdvb is on, untested as i have only one monitor here, thanks to 
      moonchild for reporting this.
    - some issues with an exception on application exit.
    - changed c-band handling due to some testing from pedrinho, many 
      thanks to him. This is working for him now if you also use c-band 
      successfully (or not) please inform me.
    - Preliminary DVB-C support to the app and bda driver, 
      tested by silencer thanks to him.
    - HD channels correct aspect ratio detection.
    - 'main window on top' will keep the main smartdvb window always on top. 
       Request by frozen-figo.
    - option to channel list options to show the SID (channel number) in the 
      channel list and favorites. Also added a SID channel list sort option.
    - polarisation selection option in the scanner dialog.
    - scan current transponder menu option.
    - toolbar button for floating window.
    - renderless mode in toolbar and menu. This will stop rendering video/audio 
      but most other functions will remain intact.
    - changed epg screen handling to show arabic text correctly hopefully.
    - Elementary stream edit/add/delete options to channel properties dialog.
    - Conditional access edit/add/delete options to channel properties dialog.
    - Transport stream PID record menu which is optionally shown before 
      recording. This allows recording of multiple audio tracks etc, only for 
      ts recordings.
    - preferred languages to scanner options. This will auto select preferred 
      languages when scanning.
    - diseqc console for various motor (diseqc 1.2) commands.
    - added raw diseqc support for technotrend cards to the bda module. Had 
      to use ttBdaDrvApi_Dll.dll for this as i wasn't able to get the bda sdk from 
      the company yet, if anyone knows or can supply me this sdk i'd appreciate it.
    - crc check settings for si tables to the scanner options.
    - lock check option to bda device settings, might not work on all cards 
      but if it does can speed up scanning.

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    Re: Smart DVB

    SmartDVB Update (16.09.2009)

    -Bug fixes in Usals..
    -Bug fixes in Diseqc for Tevii cards.

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    Re: Smart DVB

    SmartDVB v0.1.3


    -Fixed: Usals problem which could cause wrong movement fixed.
    -Fixed: Some bugs in positioner console.
    -Added: Commited (range) diseqc mode to bda device for those cards that use the put_Range method for commited diseqc.
    -Added: Major overhaul of the scanner interface. Many thanks to cjcr for giving me ideas on this.
    -Added: Window caption now also shows selected tuner/device.
    -Added: Bottom statusbar now shows freq/etc of channel being viewed.
    -Added: Double clicking on top half of video window goes fullscreen, bottom half floating window.
    -Fixed: epg arabic language now fixed and tested by frozen-figo and the-smb, thanks to them.
    -Fixed: bug in mdapi handling fixed thanks to the-smb for reporting this.
    -Fixed: floating window would not always set the correct current aspect ratio.
    -Added: signal existence check for positioner moves to settings > diseqc. This can be useful if your motor successfully moves but no correct tune is achieved on the sat moved to
    (because perhaps a lock is detected on sats inbetween, if your card has this this can solve that, it will recheck for a signal after an interval and if not found re-tune).
    -Fixed: issue with mouse pointer sometimes dissapearing in full screen mode when calling up a menu like the TS record menu. Thanks to frozen-figo.
    -Fixed: issue which could cause a crash on ts record start.
    A-dded: Option 'try to synchronize recordings with timeshift' to settings > timeshift. This will do some extra buffering in timeshift mode to try to force accurate recordings from the timeshift,
    without this this can have an offset of some seconds). Experimental, if this causes video/audio problems please disable it.
    -Added: Native remote support to the device and smartdvb. TeVii remotes are supported, others can be added in the future, thanks to cjcr fot testing this.
    -Fixed: Fullscreen on current window hopefully should be working now (again untested)
    -Added: Option to bda device settings for a different bda graph, if you have tuning problems you could try this experimental option.
    -Fixed: technotrend raw diseqc wasn't working correctly for tt usb cards, thanks to romkrom for testing this for me.

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    Re: Smart DVB

    SmartDVB v0.1.4


    Added: Technotrend devices native remote support to bda device.
    Added: Channel list osd works differently now. Pressing the channel list button on remote moves from category to channels to selection. Exit/back button returns in the menu and exits.
    Added: North american D*sh/Bev epg support to the epg parser. Many thanks to dohdohdoh for testing this on d*sh, bev is untested.
    Fixed: bug which was causing the mouse not to be hidden in fullscreen on my system.
    !!Changed: Epg handling has been changed, now internally nid's are used instead of satid´s before. Please remove your current smarteit.db and rescan channels again for epg to work again correctly (new scanning is needed to store nid values).
    Added: Epg sid option which shows sid in channel names on epg.
    Added: Epg na option and buffer which will use special parsing options and buffering for north american epg (na epg needs much more buffering based on the huge epg data it gives)
    Fixed: Optimizations to handling of epg data when lots of data is stored (faster startup).
    Fixed: bda driver wasn't correctly propagating lof/switch changes and thus circular lnb and such didn't work correctly anymore, hopefully this is fixed now.
    Fixed: Application wasn't working on windows 2000, changed some controls so that it now at least does run.
    Added: Floating window and aspect ratio shortcuts to keyboard and remote settings.
    Added: Record time/size indication to osd record message.
    Fixed: Channel properties update was not always working correctly.
    Added: Some information in the default readme.txt for north american users on what to do for correct na operation.
    Fixed: Previous channel didn't show correct channel name in status bar, thanks to the-smb for reporting this.
    Added: Tab order to the main screen (if tab is not defined as a shortcut) to make the main screen more accessible.
    Added: hidden d*shnet scanning option to the scanner. This will try to find some hidden channels thanks to dohdohdoh for the info on this. See readme for more info.
    Note from dohdohdoh, if you scan 77w with this option you'll have to change the video pid type from 2 (mpeg2) to 27 (h.264).
    Fixed: c-band handling for bda module now should also accept lofs other than 9750000. Also c-band handling for skystar2 should be better now, untested.

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    Re: Smart DVB

    SmartDVB Version 0.1.5

    Main new thing is the genpix north american support.

    - ALT keyboard shortcuts (like for example ALT+ENTER)
    were not working correctly.
    - dvb-t/c were broken in last version.
    - Scheduler was broken in last version.
    - Small problem with epg not showing the entire short event
    descriptors for some providers.
    - plugins now accept mousewheel messages
    - updated sqlite to the latest version online.
    - Diseqc console made modeless so you can move and tune at the same time.
    - Channel list context menu now allows channel properties to be changed
    without the need to switch the current channel.
    - Channel list font change now also includes codepage.
    - nasty bug which could cause memory leakage and crashes in epg.
    - some bugs when viewing epg in evr/vmr mode which sometimes
    messed up the video.
    - epg on main screen now should show current event better
    (not only if available as present event).
    - aspect ratio for dishnet hd channels was not shown correctly.
    - mouse hiding in evr fullscreen under win7 was not working correctly.

    - aspect ratio settings now work with more codecs for vmr7/9
    and overlay mixing renderer.
    - prof-tuners diseqc support.
    - Prof-tuners remote control support to bda device.
    - connection settings to the video window popup menu.
    - Channel list settings to the channel window popup menu.
    - Scrollwheel volume changing is now optional (settings > general).
    - Record timer to toolbar.
    - Cyrillic support to channel list and epg (should also support arabic text
    now, for the blue epg screen set the font to a cyrillic one), untested.
    Other languages can be added if you want one implemented please let
    me know.
    - turbo-8psk/qpsk modulations and some fec values needed for future
    support of these modulations.
    - Default ts PAT/PMT/ECM recording options, which will also be used on
    scheduled ts records by default.
    - czech and slovenian (iso 6937) support to the epg.
    - v0.0.2 for genpix devices support for N.A, many
    thanks to genpix for developing this.
    - customize for N.A. option in the scanner for correct dishnet name scanning.

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    Re: Smart DVB

    Some translations for SmartDVB v0.1.5

    Download SmartDVB Languages (install a dll in the language directory). Some language files are incomplete

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    Re: Smart DVB

    SmartDVB 0.2.0

    Fixed: 22 khz tone wasn't passed correctly in scanner.

    Fixed: ctrl-click wasn't correctly selecting channels under windows 7.

    Fixed: some changes to scheduler handling when restarting smartdvb through scheduler

    Fixed: scheduler 'exit' option at end could also do a mistaken shutdown, fixed.

    Added: diseqc delay and repeat options can be configured now through satellite settings dialog

    Fixed: bug which could cause a crash in the connection dialog from the video popup menu.

    Fixed: Restarting smartdvb from scheduler was not working all the time.

    Added: added 16apsk/32apsk modulation support.

    Added: New beta BDA driver supplied by user Florian and adapted by me. This will be the main driver in the future so prefer using this driver before using the old Many thanks to him for his work. Please report any problems or success stories to me so we can improve this driver.
    There should be support in the driver for the following cards (many of which are untested so please report if you have a card working or not)
    -Twinhan/Azurewave - tested including ci
    -Hauppauge - unconfirmed
    -Technotrend - tested including ci
    -TeVii - unconfirmed
    -Prof cards - tested with some prof cards, includes support for latest advancetune cards (untested)
    -TBS - untested
    -Comppro - unconfirmed
    -Conexant - unconfirmed
    -FireDTV - unconfirmed
    -Omnicom - unconfirmed
    -DVBWorld - unconfirmed
    -Genpix - confirmed, should also work with
    -QBOX - unconfimed

    Added: visual studio 2010 is now used this means that older operating systems like windows2000, me, 98 will not work anymore from this version onwards

    Fixed: Fullscreen freeze on windows 7 when using EVR should be fixed now.

    Fixed: Snapshots were not working correctly with all renderers, should be fixed now.

    Added: basic CI support, will only work with new device. Technotrend/twinhan tested, firedtv untested.

    Added: Automatic device restart to device dialog, so no need anymore to restart application when selecting another device.

    Added: rolloff/pilot settings to new

    Fixed: crash which could sometimes happen in codec add dialog

    Added: Initial atsc support to parser (only tested for atsc 8vsb terrestrial for now (many thanks to majortom for helping me on this)

    Added: DVB-T transponder lists for various countries including offset support from the ini lists.

    To accomodate for more dvb-t lists in the future ranges 10000-20000 are added and reserved for dvb-t lists.

    Added: DVB-C transponder lists for various countries.

    Added: ATSC QAM cable lists, QAM functionality untested for now.

    Added: Basic ATSC eit (guide) processing.

    Added: Many internal changes to speed up tuning, including quick directshow connect option which should not clear the screen anymore.

    Added: Some EVR optimizations on the graphs, when selecting 'do not stop directshow graph with EVR' no more black screens on EVR win7. Experimental so if you experience any channel image problems or program freezes while this is on turn it of and see if it works again. Please report any problems you encounter with this setting on EVR (and also other renderers).I've encountered some issues in testing this mode with various codecs which become unstable in this mode (coreavc h264, divx h264, nvidia mpeg2 in some cases, please report any issues with codecs or otherwise you encounter in this mode.

    Fixed: Main satellites combobox was not showing scrollbar with more than about 30 satellites added.

    Added: tune repeat option to device settings. This seems to work better for SkyStar USB 2 HD.

    Also 8psk modulation was not accepted by the driver so the skystar usb card woult not tune 8psk, fixed now.

    Fixed: some changes to timeshift handling in hopes of making it more stable.

    Fixed: general changes to make application quitting more robust.

    Fixed: changes to main panel epg handling to prevent deadlocks.

    Fixed: Changes to mdapi filter handling to prevent removing filters accidentally.

    Added: Option to save records as guide name (if available).

    Fixed: Some fixes to the sat ini import routines to support changed formats (dvb-s and such).

    Fixed: Some changes to the smartav source filter to make graph stopping more robust.

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