Entropic and Sigma form MoCa-enabled STB collaboration

Semiconductor suppliers Entropic Communications and Sigma Designs have teamed up to develop high-definition, MoCa-compliant cable TV and IPTV set-top box reference designs, using Entropic's EN2510 and Sigma Designs' SMP8654 chips.

The new reference designs - expected to debut this autumn - will be optimised to enable a cost-effective IP network, capable of delivering "outstanding" HD video performance with guaranteed quality of service, over the existing coaxial cabling within the home.

By taking advantage of up to 175 Mbps of application layer throughput, 16 node support, parameterised quality of service (PQoS) and remote network diagnostic capability of the MoCA 1.1 standard, the reference designs will provide both the bandwidth and media processing required to handle multiple streams of high-definition video in addition to other network traffic, such as the sharing of personal content like music, photographs and other digital content.