I was wondering if anyone has a samsung 9500viaci with the SAME firmware vers 123 as i have, and that has a working goldcard file for Spice Platinum/Multivision?

I've tried about all the files that are out on all the usual sites since August and NONE will work for me!

I recently upgraded the firmware from 118 to 123, as version 118 always created problems during automatic channel searching on the Astra satellite ....the search stopped after about 200 channels, and the receiver just 'froze'.

I no longer have this problem with vers. 123, but on the other hand, the only file that will work for me is the old 'Renberzip' file, and i therefore can't get Spice Platinum/Multivision any more (only TPS etc).

I'm also afraid of losing the conax/viaccess patching, if i try install other firmware versions into my receiver.

Can anyone advise me on what to do to get the latest viaccess goldcard files to work, whilst i have this version 123 installed?

thanks in advance!