Dolby, Henson, Fuji-NHK win Tech EMMYs

Chris Forrester

August 22 sees a batch of technical and engineering EMMYs awarded at the Renaissance Hotel in Los Angeles. NASA gets a gong in this 40th Anniversary Year of the Moon landings for its first live transmissions by the Apollo 11 crew back on July 20 1969. Dolby, Jim Henson, Fujinon and Litepanels also get awards.

These 61st Primetime Emmy & Engineering Awards, organised by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, recognise technical and engineering excellence in TV. NASA gets the Philo T Farnsworth Award, which goes to an organisation or institution for innovation.

The 4 engineering Emmys go to:

Henson Digital Puppetry Studio aka The Jim Henson Company. Henson Digital Puppetry Studio is an animation system that allows performers to puppeteer and voice digital characters in real time on a soundstage setting with multiple virtual cameras and a real time viewer, generating a high yield per minute and cutting both animation time and costs exponentially.
Fujinon Precision Focus Assist and NHK. Fujinon's Precision Focus Assist enables camera operators the ability to ensure fast accurate focusing of high definition images under varying conditions.
Litepanels LED lighting products. Litepanels' products are low-voltage, low-wattage, energy efficient, LED lighting fixtures that allow for a wide range of applications of LED technology to a variety of image capture situations.
And Dolby DP600 Program Optimizer (Dolby Labs) for the Dolby DP600 Program Optimize, which is an innovative audio platform that provides a file-based automated work-flow solution for faster-than-real-time encoding, decoding, conversion, transcoding, loudness correction, audio creation, and upmixing.