hello everybody,
I just bought an opos card.
With CAS 2 and add on I loaded the eeprom and flash files (in the opos programme) that I found, although not recent ones. I was mainly interested in loading cryptoworks files to get for instance czech channels like CT1, CT2 and other cryptoworks channels but it doesn't work. I know that above CT1 are not changing keys for years, so I do not understand why it does not work.
Besides a cryptoworks cam, I have a dragon cam (3,04).
I have no idea if I make any mistake. I am used for years with fun cards, so I am not new with cards.
The CAM reads the card as CRYPTOORKS card but apparently not keys are on.
Any advice please.
Then I see a lot of recent "dat files", but in my cas 2 program there is not mentioned where I should load these dat files: only eeprom and flash. How should I use these dat files? For what channels are meant mainly?Thank you if you can help and bye