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Thread: Playboy TV rapped by Ofcom

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    Cool Playboy TV rapped by Ofcom

    Playboy TV rapped by Ofcom

    Monday, August 3 2009, 16:40 BST

    By Dan French, TV Reporter

    Warning: This article contains language and/or sexual references that younger readers are advised to avoid.

    Playboy TV has been rapped by Ofcom for previewing content of an "explicit nature" after a viewer complained that the material was too strong to be available at 10pm without mandatory access restrictions.
    The complainant said that the trailer showed naked women simulating sex, touching themselves and other women.

    After investigation, Ofcom noted that the trailer included frequent but brief clips of strong sexual material. The shots included naked breasts and female pubic areas; men and women touching each other in a sexual manner, including licking and kissing breasts; women stroking their breasts and buttocks; and cropped shots of real or simulated sex acts.

    The trailer also contained an example of the most offensive language: "...Do you like it when you get really hard and the girl fucking shoves your cock down her throat?"

    Playboy TV responded by arguing that the material was broadcast on a channel listed in the 'adult' section of the Virgin EPG and therefore viewers would have been aware of the type of material to expect.

    Additionally, it said that if a viewer had come across the trailer unawares - which it noted was unlikely - it considered that any offence caused would have been minimal.

    However, Ofcom ruled that it was concerned by the "explicit nature" of the content at the time of broadcast, given that it could be viewed without any access restrictions.

    It stated that the material had the potential to be highly offensive to viewers and may not be within audience expectations, especially those who happened across it accidentally.

    Ofcom concluded that the material was not sufficiently justified by the context and ruled a breach of generally accepted standards.

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    Re: Playboy TV rapped by Ofcom

    He's mad to complain about that


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