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Thread: Questions about programming Gamma Cards for Nova

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    Questions about programming Gamma Cards for Nova

    Hi All,

    having trawled through this board and others; as a novice I have discovered all sorts of what appears to be conflicting advice

    1. How do you upload a .gam file to the card ?
    1.a. Some say "DO NOT use the Gamma card option in cas 3"
    1.b. Some say "Use Phoenix emulation and another loader (BESTTT for example"
    1.c. Some say "U dont need phoenix program-all probs solved with new version CIS86C"

    2. If you do use the Phoenic emulator - how do ANY of the various other loaders work?
    2.a I have tried the one with the goggles (Loader v1, 1,1, 1.2) with and without CAS3 emulation, at all available MHz, on a PC and a laptop: At no time have I succeeded to communicate with the card not even to retrieve the ATR !

    The only program of the many many I have downloaded from here or other boards that actually writes to the card is CIS86C/Smart/Gamma. This does write the .gam file and to date has worked with 3 different .gam files. But each of those files only actually worked receiving Nova for a few days at most.

    3. Does using just CIS86C not write the card properly, so that decryption fails after a short while?

    If anyone can provide any guidance on how to write the .gam file to a gamma card so that it stays working please advise

    Any other hints or tips would be most welcome!

    I cannot be the only person here blundering around in the dark !

    Many thanks, Sam

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    Re: Questions about programming Gamma Cards for Nova

    ok, lets try it in my poor english if you talking about Nova...?!
    1st. connect the CAS with the USB and the RS232 Cable to your PC.
    2nd. Assign a COM Port usually COM 1

    Since the latest Soft for the CAS you can use the Gamma Option in the Cas software to wright a .gam file to your Card ( Duolabs fix the Problem in 8.6c) an i do it the last 3-4 times, in this case you need only the USB connection.
    Some times only Gr. works some times both.
    So, the latest public .gam File works only for the Gr. and not Cy. ( in my case ) i need Alfa Cy. for German Soccer on Weekend.

    If you need Cy. to, its becoming more difficult, you must use the RS 232 and USB connection.
    1st. open the Cas Soft (latest 8.6c) go to Utilities --Phoenix---6MHz---Hide.
    2nd. Download the best loader 2.1 ( Gamma Tools in DB ) unzip and start the Program assign the right COM Port and 6 MHz then Download the latest nova06/08/2009 cy gr .bes v.2,1 file (in the Greek Section) and wright it to the Card
    so- i do it just one Hour a go an it works fine hopefully until the weekend...

    Ciao ROLO

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    Efharisto para para poly- Ta agglika soy einai kalitera apo ta ellinika mouy

    Your instruction was exacty what I needed and I am now back on-line

    Thanks, Sam

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