Partners connect on Remote User Interface

By Julian Clover

Broadcom, Cisco, DirecTV and Samsung are to participate in a new grouping that will develop a full-features “pixel accurate” Remote User Interface to aid the sharing of digital content in the connected home.

The aim of the RVU Alliance is to provide an identical user experience across all RVU thin client CE devices, including digital TVs (DTVs), digital media adapters (DMAs) and set-top boxes (STBs). Within a short space of time it should be possible to refine the user experience through a single update that would appear on all RVU devices within the home.

The technology will support operators that are looking to “own the home” through a series of interconnected telecommunications and video devices.
“We believe both consumers and service providers will embrace consumer electronic equipment with RVU technology because it enables a high quality digital entertainment experience throughout the connected home. We are committed to the RVU technology and are planning to deploy it in media servers and clients beginning early in 2010,” said Rômulo Pontual, DIRECTV’s chief technology officer.

“As consumers look for new ways to connect, share and enjoy commercial content throughout the home, Broadcom is committed to enabling connectivity for an enhanced digital entertainment experience. By supporting RVU technology on set-top box, digital TV and Blu-ray system-on-a-chip (SoC) solutions, we are enabling a consistent look and feel on connected devices in the home,” added Rich Nelson, vice president of marketing for Broadcom’s Broadband Communications Group.

The newly founded organisation said, adding that it was in complete support of the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) of which its founders are promoting members.