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Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (PG) 1984 A post-apocalyptic tribe faces constant danger from a rival faction and a species of giant insects. The daughter of the kingdom's leader hopes to find a way to communicate peacefully with the bugs rather than destroying them, only to uncover a plan to repeat the cataclysm that nearly destroyed their world. Hayao Miyazaki's animated fantasy, with the voices of Patrick Stewart, Alison Lohman and Uma Thurman (888)

Chain Gang (PG) 1950 An investigative journalist goes undercover as a chain gang guard to expose the brutality of those around him and the corrupt use of the convicts as cheap labour. Just as he is about to go public with his story, his cover is blown and he is forced to flee for his life. Drama, starring Douglas Kennedy and Marjorie Lord

The One That Got Away (U) 1957 Fact-based World War Two adventure about a German pilot who repeatedly escaped from British prison camps. After being moved to Montreal, he managed to break out and make it into America in an attempt to rejoin his squadron. Fact-based World War Two adventure, starring Hardy Kruger, Michael Goodliffe, Colin Gordon and Terence Alexander (888)

The Way West (PG) 1967 A senator leads a band of settlers on an arduous journey across the great plains of 19th-century America. However, they are endangered by Indian reprisals when one of the pioneers accidentally shoots a child. Luckily, the veteran politician's ingenuity saves the day. Western, starring Kirk Douglas, Robert Mitchum, Lola Albright, Michael Witney, Richard Widmark and Sally Field in her big-screen debut (888)

Cheaper By the Dozen (PG) 2003 A large family moves to a new town, hoping it will provide a fresh start but nothing goes according to plan, and the unlucky dad is soon left to look after the 12 rowdy kids. Remake of the 1950 comedy, starring Steve Martin, Bonnie Hunt, Piper Perabo, Tom Welling and Hilary Duff (888)

Dogma (15) 1999 Two fallen angels banished to Earth discover a theological loophole could get them back into Heaven except their plan will cause the world's destruction. It falls to a lapsed Catholic woman to stop them, with the aid of two so-called prophets, a muse-turned-stripper and a forgotten thirteenth apostle. Kevin Smith's comedy fantasy, starring Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Linda Fiorentino, Salma Hayek, Jason Lee and Alan Rickman (888)

White Men Can't Jump (15) 1992 A basketball hustler working Los Angeles' courts uses his goofy appearance to lull his opponents into a false sense of security. He forms an uneasy alliance with a fellow conman to make a financial killing, but his debts soon catch up with both of them. Ron Shelton's comedy, starring Woody Harrelson, Wesley Snipes and Rosie Perez

Cries and Whispers (PG) 1972 Agnes, a woman dying of cancer, is visited in her remote home by her two sisters. Far from offering comfort, their arrival brings long-buried family conflicts bubbling to the surface, with tensions rising as Agnes' health deteriorates. Ingmar Bergman's drama, starring Harriet Andersson, Liv Ullmann and Ingrid Thulin

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