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Thread: besttt card has no ATR

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    Question besttt card has no ATR

    Hi to all,

    I try to program my card with cas interface 3 plus + Besttt loader 2.1, using the serial cable and the Phoenix emulation 6 MHz.When i click the program button, i get the message "besttt card has no ATR".
    I can read the card ATR using the Cas Interface Studio 8.6c.
    Can anyone help? I'm a new one, so please be nice to me...

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    Re: besttt card has no ATR

    well ,if its the same problem i had, uv not got the right lead in, i keep forgetting to swap my 232 lead over, hope,.

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    Re: besttt card has no ATR

    The problem was the serial cable, i replaced it and everything works fine..

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