Karaoke Channel starts singsong in Portugal

By Julian Clover

August 7, 2009 11.43 UK

The ability of the Portuguese to hold down a tune will be tested with the launch of The Karaoke Channel on Sonaecom’s Clix IPTV platform.

Backed by Montreal-based Stingray Digital, Clix customers will now be able to choose from over 400 karaoke videos that will be available as part of the Videoclube service.

Sonaecom is the first European customer for Karaoke Channel, which is already distributed to some 35 million homes in North America.

“Video On Demand is really starting to take off in Europe, and innovative operators are all looking for unique and compelling content for their service,” says Eric Boyko, President of Stingray Digital. “Sonaecom has recognized that karaoke is a ‘killer-app’ for VOD, based on the success of The Karaoke Channel in the United States.”

Videoclube customers will be able to test the service without charge until the end of August.