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Thread: more infos about dreambox

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    more infos about dreambox

    hello i would like to learn some more information about dreambox
    how do they work?
    how can i set up a satelite network with dreambox where each television can see what ever it wants?
    is it hard to set up the network?
    how much does it cost?

    Thank y u very much about your information

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    Re: more infos about dreambox

    All The information You Need, is Right here : !

    What do you mean for "satellite network" ?
    If you Now how to connect, a Computer with a Modem/router, you will be able to connect your Dreambox to your network.
    Prices are from 100€ to 1000€, it depends what do you want to do with.
    If you have several televisions in your home, you will need as much Dreambox (if you want to watch diferents transponders at the same time).

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    Re: more infos about dreambox

    with satellite network i mean that i want to have one card that works as a router and then i want to have more than one tv that will use this card to see satelite but each tv can see whatever it wants. Is it possible to do it with dreambox? The only thing that i will need is as much dreambox as television?

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