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Thread: New to cams need urgent help!!!

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    New to cams need urgent help!!!

    Hey Guys,

    How ya all doing, hope i will be welcomed here for support.

    I just bought a diablo cam which i use to dvb-c on my tv. This works great using the latest underworld file, all i had to do is add the keys for my provider all great.

    What i am looking to do now is use a funcard to view. I can see the card has the option of nagra box key which is needed. I have entered the boxkey updated my funcard to it but it does not decrypt the channels, only via the emul works. I also changed the setting from card first to emul second but does not work. Any pointers on how i could get it working....

    Secondly my TV can go on to network but only wired... with that i can view music, images, pics over the network. Now cos it is not wireless do you think if i used a diablo wifi it would make the TV wireless too or is this two separate completly i.e. the tv network and wifi network.

    Appreciate all the help i can get on the above two please.

    Thanks alot.



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    Re: New to cams need urgent help!!!

    Anyone.... someone must be able to explain what am doing wrong trying to make funcard work.

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