Pre-paid DTH for Magico

Chris Forrester

Cable Magico, Telefónica's affiliate in Peru has launched pre-paid DTH and expects to reach 50,000 users before year-end.

Since November last year Telefonica has been offering a similar service in Venezuela, where 50,000 new clients have been signed up. The idea of pre-paid DTH is aimed at enabling users to “control their expenses, and have access to news, entertainment, and sports channels, among others.” Initially, the service will be available in Lima and later it will be available to Peru’s interior provinces.

Telefónica's executives told local trade publication NexTV Latam that the idea was to replicate IPTV or cable combined DTH offer in other Latin American countries. In order to have access to the service, the client has to buy a dish and a set-top-box available at local electrical retail chains Carsa, Electra and La Curacao. The model is a low-cost zap-box.

The service is offered at $8.14 monthly fee; likewise, it can be hired at a $2.28 weekly fee. "Clients who acquire their satellite kit will have access to open channels with the best available quality and a pre-paid programming package at no cost for a whole month so that they can enjoy the advantages of this new service", Gonzalo Carriquiry Fry, Telefónica's Pay-TV Commercial Manager, said.