Warning, firmware and backup image.

Do not flash firmware containing a version lower and upper SecondStage on the original version of Bootloader on the Dreambox clones, SecondStage version must be the same version of the original Bootloader (See my tutorial Dreambox ADVANCED SETUP UTILITY).

Do not flash Gemini firmware and firmware (release-dmxxx_x.x.x) official Dream Multimedia TV on the Dreambox clones, otherwise your DVB receiver will be blocked by the time-bomb.

Do not flash backup image if it does not come from your DVB receiver, a backup image includes the customization of the system and equipment, otherwise your DVB receiver will be blocked, especially if your DVB receiver is a clone.

Beware servers peers on softCAM included in the backup image, can hacked your peers TV without your permission, and of course other malware.

Beware files with the extension .IPK (Internet PacKage Archive) which do not come from official sources, is links for download plugins on the Internet from the DVB receiver.

Caution is advised when it comes to keeping its DVB receiver in good working order, use only firmware unmodified, and softCAM unmodified from official sources.

Download your firmware compatible with your Dreambox on an official website of one team :

Gemini, Gemini2, firmware are not compatible with Dreambox clones.
i-have-a-dreambox . com

nabilosat . info

pli-images . org

newnigma2 . to

forum . sifteam . eu

Official website of Dreambox, firmwares are not compatible with subscription cards and the Dreambox clones.
dream-multimedia-tv . de

Best regards