OpenTV in the Mood for Core2 update

By Julian Clover

August 11, 2009 09.20 UK

OpenTV is taking a new approach to content discovery. The latest version of its Core2 middleware will include an integrated search that will analyse video content by moods, plots, and generate recommendations based on a unique approach to modelling personal preferences.

The additional functionality has been made possible by a collaboration with Jinni, which models the personal preferences of the user.
“This collaboration will change the way content is discovered on television,” said Tracy Geist, SVP of Business Development, OpenTV. “Jinni’s unique approach to search, discovery, and recommendations is the perfect complement to our middleware technology allowing consumers to easily find what they really ‘feel’ like watching.”

Mike Pohl, CEO of Jinni, adding that his company’s methodology took the guesswork out of finding what to watch. “Taking into consideration the personal and emotional aspects of choosing a movie, by reflecting how people think and talk about what they watch, we’re making it easier for viewers to find the content they want without all the hassle.”

Viewers can select programmes based on their moods, for example selecting “thrilling, film noir, dark comedy”, rather than looking for a specific title. To this they can add additional strings, narrowing down their content choice to a particular actor or time period.

The latest release of the Core2 middleware is expected to be available in the fourth quarter of 2009. It is part of a trend of next generation middleware as the technology providers look to enhance content discovery mechanisms for operators increasingly aware of the threat from over-the-top video content.