Early start for Portuguese HD DTT

By Julian Clover

August 11, 2009

High definition television should start as soon as possible after analogue switch-off, according to the findings of Portugalís digital dividend consultation. Typically there was disagreement between respondents as to whether the resulting spectrum should be given to broadband operators or reserved for high definition transmissions.

The consultation, approved by the regulator Anacom, also said that spectrum should be set aside for mobile television services as soon as possible. The regulator said that responses, drawn from across the industry, should be seen as a starting point and a guideline for future decisions.

It was generally accepted that discussions between different operators and services would lead to an optimal use of the available spectrum.
Broadcasters came out against the use of the 790-862 MHz sub-band for mobile broadband, but given the use of the frequency range elsewhere, it seems likely that Anacom will adhere to European co-ordination policy.