Bluewin TV doubles subscription figures

Jörn Krieger

Swiss telco Swisscom has more than doubled the number of subscribers to the IPTV platform Bluewin TV distributed on its ADSL broadband networks over the last 12 months. At June 30 the service had attracted 165,000 customers compared with 80,000 one year ago.

The company gave the continuous expansion both of its video-on-demand offer and the exclusive sports content as one of the main reasons for the service’s growth in popularity. Measures introduced last year to simplify the installation have proven successful, with around 85% of new customers installing the service without help from Swisscom technicians.

The platform, launched on 1 November 2006, comprises more than 140 TV and 130 radio stations, a digital video library, live sport and 30 channels provided by Swiss pay-TV broadcaster Teleclub.