Vodafone plans new IPTV offer in Germany

Vodafone Germany is no longer marketing the IPTV platform distributed on its ADSL broadband networks to new customers.

“Existing customers can continue to use the offer,” Vodafone spokesman Paul Gerlach told industry publication Medienbote. According to Gerlach, from 2010 – probably mid-year – Vodafone will provide a new IPTV service.

The marketing break will be used by the company to revise the offer, for example taking into account the increasing convergence between fixed line and mobile services. “We will tailor our IPTV product to fit the demands of the market”, explained Gerlach, adding that customers will then be offered “exciting, new formats”, without elaborating on the details.

Vodafone’s fixed line subsidiary Arcor, which adopted the name of the parent company on August 1, launched the IPTV offer in May 2007. The company remains tight-lipped about the platform’s subscription figures. “We have several thousand customers,” said Gerlach.