Hello every1.As an old time tester of DTV and Echo,I have now moved foward into the land of FTA.I setup a Coolsat 4000 with a motor dish,and its really interesting to see how many channels are out there if you look for them.But being a hobby and I like to tinker with stuff,I quickly noticed that there are different encryptions on some channels.So what I did was take an old dss blocker card and modifyed it into a funcard7 with a 8515 and 2 1024 eproms.I also made a loader for it and it programs fine with funprom.Ok now here is where I need some help from the powers that be.I have loaded a few different files,like sidds and 6in1,,etc.In the menu I have seen it read Irdeto,Seca,Viaccess,but still channels are scrambled.My guess it that either the provider id is wrong,or just the keys,or both.If any1 knows how to make some of these files work for any north americans sats,please post or pm me.Mainly it looks like intelsat5 97w,or amazonas 61w have the other encryptions,as nagra2 is opened by a bin flash to the reciever itself.Thanx in advance to all that can help on this.