hi, everybody! i am very new to satellite technology and am here asking kind people to help me set up a Strong 4355 evolution receiver.

It worked perfect until the beginning of the year, something happened to this old receiver, and could not be repaired, so i threw it away, and found another one, exactly the same model, but i don't know how to set it up, because i lost contact of the master who helped set all this up some 5 years ago. Now i plugged everything, but have absolutely no knowledge for setting up, i tried but failed.

I then contact a local professional satellite company, first they said they are so busy to take this small job, then, i asked them again, and after 2 weeks they sent a technician to have a look, but this guy said to me that the disc and its holder on the wall need to be replaced because they got rusted (i didn't check it before). I said why not try to set the receiver up first, maybe the disc is not damaged, but he insisted the replacement of those thing and demand 150 euro only for his labor. I thought it was very strange, so I refused his offer. After he left i went to the yard to check, the disc and the holder are very clean, without any marks of rust, so i thought this guy must have lied.

i have big problem to set up LNB set-up, there are 2 LNBs there.

Anybody can help? Any help will be very much appreciated. Thank you very much in advance.