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Thread: Starsat SR-X6300usb Firmware

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    Starsat SR-X6300usb Firmware

    Hi all,

    I was wondering, is there any firmware other than the usual zeta one (by Moresat team) that would open different channels, say ABsat on hotbird or HBO on Siruis? I tried to update my receiver with different CAS software but none of them worked. A "disk read error" message would appear. I'm growing impatient waiting for new updates to my Abracadabra card

    Thanks guys,

    Starsat SR-X6300usb

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    Re: Starsat SR-X6300usb Firmware

    hi update you receiver with firmware includ latest key
    many people have probleme with update cas data in her zeta family

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    Re: Starsat SR-X6300usb Firmware

    thank u very much ok take care bye

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