Boxer facing Scandi squeeze

Scandinavian DTT platform Boxer is continuing to suffer in the highly competitive pay-TV market.

Its combined operations in the Swedish and Danish markets netted 673,000 subscribers as of June 30, 2009. Just a year ago when Boxer operated in the Swedish market alone the figure was 701,000. Subsequently, Boxer has handed back its licence to operate the DTT platform in Ireland, and purchased a 51% share in the 276,000-subscriber TV Plus operation in Finland. In its first half accounts, parent company Teracom reveals the cost of the purchase to be SEK 365 million. It also has obtained the rights to acquire the remaining 49% from the minority shareholders.

“Boxer has fared well in the continuing tough competition for television viewers in the mature Swedish market, where many households are reducing the number of pay-TV providers,” commented Teracom CEO Crister Fritzson. “The number of Swedish pay-TV subscriptions held by Boxer declined slightly during the period. In Denmark, where Boxer began operations in the first quarter, we had growth thanks to an early start for sales in parts of the country”.

First half revenues in Teracom’s pay-TV segment amounted to SEK 1,050m, an increase of 8% on 2008.