Marc-Antoine Daleuen confirmed the Chief Executive of the Group «Showtime Orbit» that the pay TV sector is facing many changes, foremost of which piracy and cloning and therefore the presence of new players in the field of paid channels, followed by free channels made somewhat in the television programs, compared with previous years.


He added that most of the piracy carried out through the Internet is the equivalent of 75% of these operations, then the reproduction of not less than 25%. The foundation works to prevent the owners of piracy to seize the encrypted channels through which new technologies will use in the next few months and therefore the elimination of all Alhecrz via the Internet by 100%. Daleuen said that the process of integration between Showtime and Orbit have contributed in reducing the competitiveness of the area around the channels in addition to the payments that it has from the site of the two companies as one and the lifting of the total base of viewers.

The index of advertising expenditure in bunches «Showtime Orbit» has not been affected by the crisis in contrast to the free television channels, which were real estate companies and a major financial source of income. . In this context, he pointed out that Showtime Daleuen adopt the system of fixed security over the past five years, and most of the piracy was conducted via the Internet, which are equivalent to 75% of them, followed by cloning processes that are less than 25%, and stated that «Showtime Orbit »after the integration process has developed a method of protection, and will work in the coming period in the fight against all means of piracy, which is coding for the organs« Dream Box »through technology that will put up.

He added: We started to import new receivers to the participants of modern technology for protection from piracy to replace gradually Balkadimp, and will work to prevent the owners of piracy to seize the encrypted channel and therefore the elimination of all Alhecrz through the Internet at a rate of 100%, this technique will be used for the first time in the region after the proven success on a global scale.


On the other hand Daleuen noted that the process of integration between Showtime and Orbit have contributed in reducing the competitiveness of the area around the channels to be paid in addition to the strengthened position of the two companies as one and raise the base audience for both.

He said: There is a lot of players at the level of channels encoded in the region. And institutions are complementary to the bunches of paid channels, including, for example, only a few. Group channels «y ORT», which is characterized by Baknoadtha and programs as well as the Arab league-wide in contrast to the Arab channels «Showtime Orbit» which reviews programs and serials and films in addition to the Western views of exclusive English Premier League and we can therefore say that the private nature of each company and a certain segment of the targeted individuals and families.

Daleuen reported that the company seeks to increase the share of the total pay TV market so lifted from 10 to 20%.

.The channels of Showtime, the share of this percentage more than if it was illegal to add the participants to form at least 30% of the market share. The Daleuen The elimination of piracy will increase in the number of legitimate subscriptions.

. The current process of integration will provide more channels and entertainment, which at present number 75 channel and from the company will add new packages and offers to wear out the wishes of all family members.

On the other hand, denied that the Daleuen crisis had affected the appetite of the consumer in terms of spending . He said: encrypted channels are not a luxury and when the crisis started families are moving more times at home and use some of the time watching television, and another to dispense with something that is excluded from the common channel 75 gives an atmosphere of comfort and stimulation. In addition, recent statistics revealed that the number of contributions to the bouquets Showtime has not diminished and, on the contrary, where studies have shown that there is growth of about 20% participants in the first half of this year compared to the same period last year.
. The return on advertising spend through the television channels the main source of income, but this was opposed by the bunches Daleuen «Showtime Orbit» He said: 90% of the sources of income due to the bouquets of channels to participate in the paid, and the percentage exceeding 10%, inter-channel ads «Showtime Orbit », and vice versa for the free TV channels. . He adds that the index Daleuen advertising spend in the institution has not been affected by the crisis but was the governor of the former for several reasons, including, for example: during the last period went from a large real estate companies and banks of the Declaration on the free television channels in relation to the number of viewers that exceeds the channels that have not paid attracted the attention of those institutions, and with the beginnings of the crisis reduced advertising spending by these companies which has affected negatively on the revenue or total income of the free channels.

He added: the value of our ads are made on the type of people who are middle class and above, as well as in the homes of our customers superior channels «Showtime Orbit» in the number of viewers by 54% and in peak times.