server: Cccam 2.0.10
peer ping: 55ms-70ms
internet connection: 20mbit
DM 8000 Cccam 2.0.10
local card: digital+full and barca +nova full

card reader /dev/sci0
handled 140603(136042) ecms and 56(56) emms
SECA card entitlements:
5001 DIGITAL+ : 2009-10-08
4106 DIGITAL+ : 2009-10-08
4108 SPARE : 2009-10-08

18 moi

Searching only for 24 hour online servers.
Server will be cleaned up every day, and filtered for fake and unused cards.
Sorry, but servers with bad activity will be deleted in 24 hours.
When you send me your C-line please activate need only : upc full DigiAlb(16E) FULL sky it full LOCAL ORANGE HD FULL