Boxer reveals Danish packages

By Julian Clover
August 17, 2009

Key local and international channels form the basis of the line-up for Boxer’s DTT pay packages for the Danish market, it was announced today. TV2 News, Kanal 5, Animal Planet, Cartoon Network and CNN are all included in the line-up, but there is no agreement with Viasat, meaning that TV3 is absent from the programme packages. TV2 Sport, a joint venture between Viasat and commercial broadcaster TV2, is present.

Boxer has been transmitting a nine-channel package since February 1 but has to wait until October 31, when Denmark undergoes its national analogue switch-off, before launching its complete line-up.
Subscribers are being given the opportunity to build their own packages for when the service goes live on November 1, making a virtue out of the smaller line-up on offer when compared to the cable and satellite operators.

“We have conducted numerous surveys and market studies, and the common factor is that Danes are bored by the huge television packages. They will be able to choose the channels they pay for and avoid huge television packages with 30-50 channels they never watch anyway,” said Steen Ulf Jensen, CEO, Boxer TV Denmark.
The flagship product is Flex8, where the subscriber can choose eight channels from a list of 22. The DKK179 (€24 ) per month price remains the same, whatever channels are selected. Subscribers can also opt for a two or three card scheme at DKK 268.50 and DKK 358 respectively.

Alongside Flex8 is Mini, probably the smallest digital package in the world, at DKK 89 for just four channels.
The pre-packaged options Boxer Mix and Boxer Max offer 12 and 25 channels for DKK 179 and DKK 239. The three-channel Boxer Canal+ bouquet is available for DKK 209.
Full list of channels

  • TV2 News
  • TV2 Charlie
  • TV2 Zulu
  • Kanal 4
  • Kanal 5
  • 6?eren
  • Canal 9 (Sport)
  • Discovery Channel
  • Disney Channel
  • MTV
  • CNN
  • TV2 Sport
  • Animal Planet
  • Cartoon Network
  • Nickelodeon
  • Disney XD
  • The Voice
  • VH1
  • Discovery Science
  • Discovery Travel and Living
  • History
  • Travel Channel
  • Star
  • Body in Balance
  • Canal+ First
  • Canal+ Hits/Sport Weekend
  • Canal+ Sport 1

Source: Boxer

TV 2, DR1, DR2, DR Update, DR Ramasjang, DR K and DR HD are available free-to-air while broadcasters from neighbouring countries, TV4 Sweden, TV2 Norge and Das Erste (Germany), are presented as bonus channels.