Spain's TV users critizice pay-DTT

Iñaki Ferreras

Some days after Spain's government approved pay-DTT, the country’s foremost users’ and viewers’ associations critiziced this approval by saying it was done "in a rush and would have been better if the government did it within the new audiovisual law".

The new audiovisual law is to be approved within months and will bring together all existing audiovisual laws.

The AUC said the law comes at a time when the users have already spent a lot of money in buying free-to-air DTT boxes which are useless for the pay-DTT so they will have to spend more money on the new models.

On its side, FACUA thinks the law has been "improvised and unjustified because the law was carried along without the opinion of some audiovisual actors such as the users."

Finally the OCU reported that the government "has improvised absolutely in implementing the new way of getting DTT and also citizens have not enough information on the subject because they're buying TV sets and decoders without knowing whether they will be able to use them or not. The consumers are the big group damaged in all this."

The OCU asked the government how much pay-DTT viewers will have to spend. And the association critiziced the lack of information for consumers on the conditions and circumstances that pay-DTT will develop.