Cheap Plasma screens selling well

Chris Forrester

A new report from Quixel Research says that US consumers are increasingly finding extra value by buying large-size Plasma screens. They may not be the latest 1080p models but viewers like the ‘bang for a buck’ they’re getting.

The study says that sales in Q2/2009 were up 42% on Q1, which magically near-corresponds to buyers starting point on screen sizes. The reason is all down to price, and buyers cannot turn their noses away from 50” Plasmas for bargain basement prices of around $800, when a similar sized LCD (from someone like Sharp) would set buyers back $1300.

These low-cost sets are older technology 720p models, hence the discounted prices. But some buyers say they cannot see any material difference in screen image quality when compared with 1080p models – and besides no network is transmitting in 1080p, so the only tangible loss is if the consumer has a commitment to Blu-ray (which are 1080p). If viewers are not interested in Blu-ray then a 720p set is all that’s needed.

However, despite these positive steps forward for Plasma, it is worth remembering that Plasma sales still only represent some 12% of all sets sold.