RTVE to continue with ads

Iñaki Ferreras

Spain’s commercial networks are up in arms over plans to allow public broadcaster Corporación RTVE to continue broadcasting some adverts after it is legally obliged to stop doing so.

Spain's new audiovisual law for financing RTVE will delete any kind of advertisements on its two channels La 1 y La 2. The law will be operational at the end of the summer but because there are still some contracts between the advertisers and RTVE running until the end of this year the public broadcaster will carry on broadcasting some ads.

This is something the national private broadcasters oppose fiercely by means of their association UTECA. "If RTVE broadcasts those advertisements that will go against the law and at the same time it would oblige the private broadcasters to question their financing for RTVE without advertising," UTECA said.

The new law forces the national private broadcasters and the telecommunication operators to pay RTVE a percentage of their yearly revenues in compensation for the channels dropping advertising.