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Thread: 4820x shows as 4653?!

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    4820x shows as 4653?!

    I have Strong 4820x which is written in the on front of the receiver but when i go to menu and check the software info it shows my model as 4653x...

    what firmware am i supposed to use? i'm really confused here

    please help.. i'm trying to get my leagal al-jazeera card to work but it won't... i tried doing 6969 to turn off patch but still with no luck i do 6969 two times and still says patch on

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    Re: 4820x shows as 4653?!

    patch it with the normal 4653X firmware get the one (patch/firmware) for january 14th (175) it would open Aljazeera for you.

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    Re: 4820x shows as 4653?!

    thanks i will try that

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