Queen features in Channel 4 3D season

By Julian Clover

August 21, 2009

UK supermarket Sainsbury’s will give away special glasses in the run up to a week of 3D programmes on Channel 4 this autumn.

The broadcaster has obtained rare footage of the Queen in the run up to and period immediately following the 1953 coronation. The recordings made by Director Bob Angell and cameraman Arthur Wooster have been turned into two hour-long programmes by Renegade Picture Ltd/Can Communicate and the British Film Institute.

Channel 4 is using the Danish ColorCode technology that means the footage can be watched on a regular television set. The viewer is required to wear the amber and blue glasses, otherwise the picture appears as normal, albeit with enhanced contrast and golden or bluish tints on more distant objects.

Spectral curves within the glasses separate the left and right images. The colour information comes in through the amber filter while parallax information, designed to create the perception of depth, is conveyed through the blue filter.

Also included in the season is the illusionist Derren Brown in a programme made by Objective Productions that will also include specially recorded tricks from a selection of magicians. A new 3D recording of The Queen made by Arena TV was taken at the Garter Ceremony at Windsor Castle in June.