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Thread: Programming Diablo 2.3 CAM

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    Programming Diablo 2.3 CAM

    Hello my name is Leo.
    I recently purchased a 2.3 Diablo CAM upgraded from 2.2 with nothing recently programmed onto it. I have a CAS 2+ interface, is this sufficient to do the job, if not, would you advise me what is. I am completely new to this process. Would appreciate any help.

    Many thanks Leo.

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    Re: Programming Diablo 2.3 CAM

    Yes, You can program it with CAS2.
    I recommend Underwold-file for programming to Diablo.


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    Re: Programming Diablo 2.3 CAM

    You could program the Diablo 2.3, 2.2 using Cas 2 plus
    First download the latest underworld 182 and the latest keys and open to desk top, load U/W 182 on to the Diablo when finish load the latest keys.
    To do that you have to download studio 8.6c form duolab and load it on to your computer

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