Channel 4 announces 3D programming week

By Dan French, TV Reporter

Channel 4 has announced a special week of 3D programming to celebrate 3D footage.
This autumn, viewers will be invited to don 3D glasses to watch the programmes - broadcast in ColorCode 3D - which include previously unseen footage of the Queen during her Coronation year.

The two hour-long episodes, titled The Queen In 3D, tell the story of two young men - director Bob Angell and cameraman Arthur Wooster, now in their 80s - who filmed a 3D colour newsreel they named Royal Review.

Their footage covers the Queen at the events she attended in the lead-up to and after the Coronation in 1953, including her journey to the Coronation itself. It also includes 3D footage of the Queen at the Epsom Derby and a trip on the Royal Barge on the Thames.

The special week will also see the transmission of Derren Brown's 3D Magic Spectacular, The Greatest Ever 3D Moments and several 3D movies.
Channel 4 said that the broadcasts will look almost like an ordinary image when viewed without glasses. However, the image is transformed when the viewer puts on ColorCodeViewer 3D glasses, which are equipped with special amber and blue filters.