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Thread: new Mrev blocked by mrb300

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    new Mrev blocked by mrb300

    need help!

    my new Matrix rev is blocked by trying to flash it with mrb 300 using fun5 cards.
    i bought a Cas3 and i am trying to reflash it with no success, cam is connected with the status :
    CAM Connected
    Xilinx XC9536XL CPLD Version 4 detected
    Functionality not warranted
    Flash unknown: Manufacturer ID: 0x0000 Device ID: 0x0000
    Detecting CAM ...

    so erase all will hang, programmig is saying ok but it is not working.

    Any helpis much appreciated.


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    Re: new Mrev blocked by mrb300

    I have the same problem too. Please anyone who can give an answer help us. I tried flashing with Ucas 3.1 and CAS2 but it did not resolve the problem. It keeps saying the same message.

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