Almost 30% of German consumers willing to switch to IPTV

Nearly 30% of German consumers would be willing to switch to receiving IPTV services, according to an online survey by Ludwig-Maximilian University on behalf of the German Association for IT, Telecommunications and New Media (BITKOM).

58% of respondents were found to be willing to switch their pay-TV provider in order to be able to watch high-definition content. "High-definition images are playing an important role in the increasing competition between different TV technologies," said Michael Schidlack, TV expert at BITKOM.

Just one in seven respondents stated that high-resolution images were not important. Especially promising appears to be the prospect of movies in HD quality, with 87% of respondents indicating that they would want to watch high-definition movies, compared to 67% for documentaries, 48% for live sports, 35% for TV series and 34% for non-live sports.