ESPN first live match draws in 400,000

by David Allen

The new UK satellite sports channel, ESPN, is celebrating its first weekend of Premier League football with some impressive audience figures.

According to data released by media agency sources, the live game between Everton and Arsenal averaged a massive 420,000 viewers, including a huge 94,000 viewers aged between sixteen and thirty four.

However, the best comparison would be with the previous holder of the UK Premier League TV rights, Setanta.

The first match aired by the ill-fated satellite sports broadcaster was between Liverpool and Sunderland, and this match had an average viewer figure of 532,000.

On the other hand, just to put the two broadcasters into perspective, when Sky Sports aired its first live match between Chelsea and Hull City, it averaged 999,000 viewers, while the second live match between Liverpool and Tottenham averaged 1.5 million viewers.