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Thread: Hi I'm new here and am looking for some PCI card advice

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    Hi I'm new here and am looking for some PCI card advice

    Hi I have been reading on the internet about picking up more than free to are satellite signals but the information I find is a few years old so here I am asking you guys. I would like to pick up all of dish network's hd channels and internet, and would like to use a pci-e card for my computer. So is that possible and what would I need?

    1. What is the best pci card?

    2. What is the dish for me to get?

    3. And finally what software in needed?

    P.S. I didn't find a help forum so I posted if you want I or you can move my topic wherever you guys prefer.

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    Re: Hi I'm new here and am looking for some PCI card advice

    Prefere a HD/h264 pci-card but have a look to usb external (Hauppauge)
    Software dvbdream, progdvb... (viewer)
    Crypto vplug
    Sharing gbox for win and probably cccam,newcs (always forwindows)

    The dish!!!
    where are you from & what do you want to see?
    They are many sat to point with specificities!
    Can you put your dish south?
    & $$$... if you don't know anithing about sat
    If no money troubles you can buy a diseq motorised dish & a dreambox HD, find peers and the best way for is to buy a pay-tv card to sharing something to your peers...

    Have you a HD TV? then it's maybe better to buy a dreambox...

    Have fun & enjoy sharing

    Please ensure you're ready to this way

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